All about me.

I’m Kevin.

I’ve been around computers since I was 5 years old when we bought a Tandy SL, before the days of Windows. Imagine that, if you will. Hey, there wasn’t any internet either - and we still entertained ourselves.

I’ve built websites and applications from the small to the very large. I enjoy building beautiful, useful solutions for people who have problems to solve.

I am a senior developer at Velir in Boston. Drupal, PHP, and open source is my thang.

In my free time, I love to play guitar, read, rile up my hedgehog Roxy, and enjoy a good beer. I also enjoy cooking, working on electronics projects, laughing at shit on reddit, and working around the house.

But one of the things I loved doing; the reason you’re on this site right now; is writing. I love to write. I’ve found my voice again, and hope that you find the things I write about informative, humorous, and for some of you, helpful.

If you want to reach me, it’s easiest to catch me on Twitter at @kevinquillen.