2023 Goals

By Kevin, January 4th, 2023

2022 went by in a complete flash. I had a never ending flurry of activity in work and life that kept things moving pretty fast for me. I launched several new projects, developed many custom integrations and solutions, took on new clients who's vendors gave up on them. I gave a talk at Drupalcon Portland on practical migrations, got to go to Miami and hang at the Fontainebleau, I even got to see my best friend slay on the drums with Darkest Hour.

I've often spoke of the importance of setting and chasing goals for years now. I wasn't able to hit every goal I set last year - I doubt most people do. The point is making the effort to do so. You'll hit a good deal along the way. Of course priorities can shift throughout a year, but you cannot give up on them. 

Looking back, here's what I was able to accomplish from last years list:

Carrying some forward, here is what I would like to do in 2023: