Drupal 9 Certified!

By Kevin, September 8th, 2020

Today, I am pleased to be posting that I have received certifications in two areas of Drupal 9 from Acquia:

  • Drupal 9 Developer
  • Drupal 9 Site Builder

I knocked these two exams out back to back just before the Labor Day holiday when I had a window of opportunity to take them. I am awaiting the release of the Drupal 9 Frontend and Drupal 9 Backend Developer exams this year so I can knock those out as well, earning the Grand Master status for Drupal 9 - which I previously held for Drupal 7.

I neglected to get any certifications for Drupal 8 simply due to my busy work schedule and a few major projects requiring all of my time to do. By the time we got late into the Drupal 8 release cycle (8.6), I figured I would just wait until version 9 was released to do so.

Since Drupal 9 is built on the foundations that were established by Drupal 8, I generally would consider each Drupal 9 certification more or less the same as anything for 8, just "updated" with some of the changes in that release. So, like Drupal 9, I would say these certifications are backwards compatible :)

There has been so much happening in the last year that I have not had a lot of chance to post, and when I do get the time, I have focused most of that to adding entries on our velir.com site to get the word out about our skills, expertise and what we are doing.

Here is a recap on some of the recent posts:

I have three more posts on deck to publish there before the end of the year as well, so keep an eye out for those.

In the meantime, I am working on adding some technical content here amassed from lots of real-world solutions employed on projects in the last 12-18 months - everything from Drupal 9, to integrating with Solr 8, to minimally refactoring for maximum impact, testing and more.