Come see our talks next week at Drupalcon! Drupal 10, ChatGPT, and Acquia Site Studio!

By Kevin, June 2nd, 2023

Velir will be at Drupalcon Pittsburgh next week and have a couple of talks that we are presenting!

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Drupal 10 with OpenAI and ChatGPT

First, I will present on integrating ChatGPT for Drupal 10 and the features that have been developed to date. Attendees will get a brief overview of OpenAI, the company behind products like ChatGPT. They will also receive a tour of the Drupal 10 module that implements its API services to add new functionality to Drupal, powered by artificial intelligence, and ideas for how you can leverage artificial intelligence in a content management system like Drupal in the future.

Here is a quick demo of some of the latest things we added, streaming responses and a network status indicator:

Acquia Site Studio with a ReactJS Search Component

Our senior Drupal developer Ron Pearl will present how we integrated a custom component in Acquia Site Studio using ReactJS. This component is wired into a headless View integrated into a Solr search backend. The result is a full client-side search that is extremely fast and responsive, so audiences find what they are looking for faster, which makes them more likely to convert users.

Be sure to stop by our booth at anytime - we will be on site for the entire conference!