I'm officially a published author!

By Kevin, February 7th, 2023

I am excited to announce that last year I participated in co-authoring The Drupal 10 Development Cookbook alongside the venerable Matt Glaman to bring you many years worth of experience distilled down into 14 chapters of useful information. If you are wondering why I was really quiet last quarter, I was mainly heads down on this project!

The book is available this month from Amazon in ePub/PDF/Kindle format with a physical printed version available this quarter. It is 450 pages worth of walkthroughs, breakdowns and techniques of utilizing various areas of Drupal 10 to level up your site building and development chops.

Chapters include:

  1. Up and Running with Drupal
  2. Content Building Experience
  3. Displaying Content through Views
  4. Extending Drupal with Custom Code
  5. Creating Custom Pages
  6. Accessing and working with entities
  7. Creating Forms with the Form API
  8. Plug and Play with Plugins
  9. Creating Custom Entity Types
  10. Theming and Frontend Development
  11. Multilingual and Internationalization
  12. Building APIs with Drupal
  13. Writing Automated Tests in Drupal
  14. Migrating External Data into Drupal

This is a milestone for me and something I have considered doing or participating in for many years now.

You can buy the book on Amazon at this link: https://www.amazon.com/Drupal-Development-Cookbook-experiences-applications-ebook/dp/B0B1VB7N2J?ref_=ast_author_dp

Thanks to Matt, Packt, and the editorial/technical team for helping this book get published!

Drupal 10 Development Cookbook