Introducing Drupal Goggles for Brave Search

By Kevin, June 23rd, 2022

The Brave team has introduced a new feature for their Brave Search engine called "Goggles". Goggles, in short, filter search results out by additional relevancy rules using an individual Goggle.

In short, these add additional scoring from sites, domains or paths and alter the results when they are served. I created one for Drupal and you can check it out today. It is a starting point to build on, but it does three things to start with:

  • Discards results that do not match listed domains that are boosted
  • Boosts and 4x over anything else
  • Boosts Drupal StackExchange results 3x over anything else

First, go to and type in 'Drupal' to see the Goggle. Click on the add button to add it to your search experience. 

Selecting a Goggle in Brave
Search for the Drupal Goggle and add it to your Brave Search

Then, perform a search with the Goggle active. A majority of the results will come from or the Drupal StackExchange Q&A site:

Example of search results using the Brave Search Drupal Goggle
Search results with and Drupal StackExchange boosted over the default results

Updating the Goggle

I'd like to keep updating the Goggle with input from the community. The basic idea would be to boost well known Drupal sources, the official sites and the top blogs or Drupal sites. Ideally it would also downrank content for Drupal 6 or 7 to cut through the years of content for people using Drupal 9 and soon Drupal 10, where that info is now long outdated.

This should help getting better results for searching Drupal from top curated sources. Goggles are not "permanent", so you can toggle them on or off at any time to change the search results back to the default.

Pull requests can be made against the repository for the Drupal Goggle here.